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FLEDGLING- Issue Six (09/06/2020)

Image Source: William J Serson/Flickr

The Race

Written by Shreesham Pandey

All were diligent racing a 100m race.

Some hoisted others on the way;

Some crushed many on their track.

But she was diligent in HOLDING HIS HAND.

Diligent were their Inner lights.

They savoured each thing they visually perceived.

How wild their hearts tempt!

‘Better Than Others’ was what they kenned not.

They were inditing their records – ‘THE BEST’.

Author Bio: Shreesham Pandey is a vernal writer and a visualizer. When he entered in his teenage, he developed an ardent and absolute skill and passion of writing words and wonders. He made his literary debut by self-publishing his first poetry collection and epigram collection. He is a bibliophile and loves to read all sorts of books and writings. The love for philosophy and physics is what he wishes to flourish for him in his life and he wants to read and make everyone read what they love. Books Published: "The I In Her: The Grand Unification Of He And She" and "Short Scribbles"

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