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FLEDGLING- Issue Seven (09/13/2020)

Image Source: Andi Pope/Flickr


Written by Paxton Calder

i could smell it in the air,

feel it in the rumbling core of my bones, 

in the tingle of my fingertips,

& the cloudy haze that seemed to hang in the air around me,

not willing to settle or dissipate,

a certain humidity that could only mean one thing.

i could see it in the way the wind picked up

without a moment’s notice,

& startled the leaves on the trees,

making them tremble with fright

all at once,

igniting a noise that erupted & rippled around me,

like a set of dominoes,

only to die down again just as quickly as it all started.

i could see it in the way the boats bobbed in the water at the dock,

up & down erratically,

as if they were constantly looking over their shoulders,

back out to sea,

nervously keeping watch on what was to come.

i could hear it in the anxious chattering of the gulls.

i knew it was coming,

just how i know i will one day die.

there’s no doubt about it.

it’s inevitable

& it’s coming.

Author bio: Paxton Calder is a high school student from Virginia. She loves reading, writing, and competitive swimming. She also loves being creative and has been getting through isolation by trying new things.

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