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FLEDGLING- Issue Five (08/16/2020)

Image Source: K. Latham/Flickr

My Rebuttal

Written by McKenna Moore

Your heart is filled with kindness and joy

While mine was used as everyones toy

The heart is covered with holes

All the damage from twisted souls

Ones who I trusted

Ones who I loved

Ones who I cared for

All of the above

I started to question myself

I don’t know who I should trust

I don’t wanna trust these people

I’ll protect myself

I’d rather be alone then with anyone else

Please don’t come in

I’m terrified

I know you just wanna make me cry

I’m not gonna fall for your lies

Don’t take me for a sucker

I’m not what I seem

I'm your nightmare not your dream

Did I stutter?

I don’t want you or any of the others

So leave me be

You don’t want a piece of me

Author bio: McKenna Moore is a sophmore in high school who loves reading and writing poetry, novels, and fan fiction. The piece written “My Rebuttal” is about the hardship she has faced from bullying and toxic relationships. It is like it implies; “her rebuttal” to all that has happened to her in the past. 

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