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FLEDGLING- Issue Eight (09/20/2020)

Image Source: Shan Ran/Flickr

To the Teachers Who Know Me

Written by S. Rupsha Mitra

I burdened a lot of you,

With my synapses - unbridged, 

my lapses in attending to your words, admonishments,

 lectures that appeared lachrymose 

and rather vexing to me.

 I have turned off desperately, 

in fits of truancy – grudging at that thought of expressing

 the self in my incorrigible introverted space.

 But you have time and again

 in sweeps – embracing and

 caring wiped off the 

dark veils of belief 

and turned the eerie cemented building of reprimands 

into a moon flecked beauty of a cottage. You have known me, in entirety

 how I rise 

like the terrible crests 

 and slide into the fear 

of the depths of troughs at times -

Tell me how can I ever

 endow my love and reverence in silvered beads of jasmine garlands and beauteous bouquets –

everytime I have

 shuddered to try a feat –

 you have never failed

 to untie the knots 

of my convoluted cognitions –

 showing me the fountains 

of infinity, the garden the efflorescence within myself –

 I thank and sing a song for them my teachers – who know me.

Author Bio: S. Rupsha Mitra is a seventeen year old student from India with an immense love for writing poetry. Her work has appeared in Blue Marble Review and is upcoming in Fly on the Wall Press Magazine.

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